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We also offer a range of Twisted Metal Merchandise, this include but isn't limited to Hoodies, Joggers, T-shirts, Vest tops, crop tops and Tote bags. 


POLE - We recommend that your wear tight fitting shorts as this will help you grip the pole and be able to achieve a lot more during your class. However, tight-fitting leggings are also acceptable but will limit you.


AERIAL HOOP - We recommend that you wear tight fitting trousers or leggings. You do not need skin grip for this class.


AERIAL HAMMOCK - We recommend that you wear tight fitting leggings, and any top you would feel happy in. You will not need skin grip for this class. We ask that you make sure there are no zips or sharp accessories on your clothing as these can damage the Hammock.


HEELS WITH HARRIET - Anything goes! We want you to wear whatever you want in this class that makes you feel good, however knee pads are a must!

We ask that you avoid using any lotions or moisturizer as this can make the pole slippery and dangerous. We also ask that you remove all jewellery to help protect our equipment and yourself. If you can't remove it, we ask that you please cover it with a plaster.

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