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Harriet Frankland
Owner & Head Instructor

Abby Hart

Victoria Walker

Our Team.

HEY I am Harriet and I am the owner & Head instructor at Twisted Metal Pole & Aerial Studio!

I fell in love with the world of Aerial in 2015, it didn't take long for my weekly classes to increase and to be doing all the disciplines that were available!

I not only fell in love with Pole & Aerial, I also fell in love with the atmosphere within each of the classes. The studio became my home away from home and over the years has helped me overcome depression, anxiety and many body confidence issues I had. Fast forward all of these years later, I now have the ability to create that same atmosphere for my students, their home away from home, A place where they can discover new skills, New strengths, Make friends and most importantly feel safe and accepted for who they are.

Please feel free to get in contact:

📞 07947858755

💌 E-mail me by clicking here.

My aerial journey started back in 2015 when I decided that I wanted to get fit but not "gym fit" as that was far too scary for me back then...I wanted something fun! A google search led me to a local pole studio where I started taking regular classes. I loved the challenge and sense of accomplishment pole gave me, it also helped me gain some much needed self confidence - I was hooked! Whilst taking these pole classes I would constantly find myself gazing lovingly at the lonely aerial hoop which hung in the corner of the room and that too eventually stole my heart. I was soon offered an opportunity to become an instructor and I jumped at the chance! I did take a little break for 2 years to go adventuring on the other side of the world but circus was always there in the back of my mind, so when I arrived back in the UK I decided to continue my aerial instructor journey! I now teach pole, aerial hoop, hammock and flexibility classes and also take lessons in silks. I love to create a positive, fun filled, supportive atmosphere for my students and I always get just as excited about their achievements as they do! Outside of the studio I can be found adventuring with the dog somewhere in the hills or consuming copious amounts of tea and cake!

I started aerial hoop in 2018 as a fun and different way to “get fit” but also to try build body confidence after long standing issues. I was immediately hooked and a year later took up pole and heels classes. My confidence rose massively and I was amazed at what my wonky body and mind could achieve!


I love the pole and aerial community and what it gave to me especially as someone neurodivergent and with a disability, so wanted to share that as an instructor! In 2022 I qualified as a beginner pole and aerial instructor, am certified for pole flow, and can be found teaching beginners and covering heels classes.


In my day to day, I’m a clinical psychologist working in the NHS and can often be found wandering with my dog Walter, either enjoying brunch together or wandering in the wilderness.

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